Friday, 30 July 2010


Vinçon is a very hip department store in the heart of Barcelona. It's a designers heaven and had I had a truck handy and wasn't flying then I would have gone crazy. They've a really nice selection of housewares as well and toys for kids and adults alike.
These are some (bad) photos of their old wrapping paper, their identity and packaging has a long history of high design.
So much to they value their style that there's even a section dedicated to it on their website. Below are a few of my faves.The store is in a really grand old building, with a superb terrace out back.
I really love this tire horse. But I'm not sure it would really swing well, like a tire swing should. And it weighed a tonne. But it's pretty rad.
Window displays were pretty fun, too. All in all, a store I'll be visiting ever time I'm in Barcelona from now on, I can see... :)
Vinçon: 96 Passeig de Gràcia. Open: 10:00 to 20:30 hours, (without interruptions!).

Thursday, 29 July 2010

it's a sign

Barcelona is a great place if you want to find some lovely typography. I couldn't help but snap away at them as we walked our feet off in this gorgeous city.
An this is a treat. A stop sign and directional arrow for a carpark, the conventional design, but done in mosaic.
There's a fabulous book on Barcelona signage, which was given to me as a gift recently. In fact I haven't even had a proper look through it yet. Soon as I'm home I'll get the name for you. It's a stunning book.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Barcelona wanderings

Back in Barca. Slowly but surely I'm getting to know this city. And I do love this city. It's the perfect city to get lost in; to take all the back streets and alleys and see what lovely things are hidden there, waiting for you.
I'm always keen to find (and photograph) the details and textures of places.Beautifully serene internal courtyards.
Discovered this nice little shopping street. Where Almacen Marabi Muñecos is also located.
Nice children's clothing store. Digging the paper doll display.
Street art a plenty.
The found ourselves at the wharf.
Stacks of packets of food in shop windows.
More grafitti.
Vibrant buildings decaying in the sun and heat.
Shelter from the sweltering heat under the trees. There was one neighbourhood that was just a string of gorgeous cafes and restaurants below the vibrant green. Magical.
Heading towards Parc de la Ciutadella which was teeming with people out enjoying the evening warmth, picnicking, playing music, dancing. It had a really nice feel. Above and below is the Castell Dels Tres Dragons.
Great big gorgeous Arc Del Triomf, and detail below.More on Barcelona tomorrow...

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Flon Flon Toulon

Flon Flon is a enchanting childrens store in one of the main streets of Toulon. The owner is a stylist also and it shows with her immaculate taste. And she has a great blog.
Some great bunting (I do love bunting), some fun handmade crafts in there as well.
This piñata is brilliant.
Fantastic rescued type.
Flon Flon: 18 Rue Paul Lendrin, Toulon, France.