Wednesday, 14 July 2010

amalfi and the amalfi coast

First stop on the cruise: Naples! For this day we decided to do one of the guided tour packages to make the most of the day so went from the ship to the Amalfi Coast where we jumped on a boat and cruised the coastline.
And what stunning coastline it was. Above are rows and rows of terraced lemon trees. This is one of the regions biggest imports. And the lemons are huge.
There were little villages nestled in the valleys, just gorgeous.
We pulled into the town of Amalfi itself and spent an hour of so there wandering the streets.
Here are the massive lemons. You probably can't tell from the pic, but trust me, them fruits were big!
So wandering and snapping up pics of fresh fish, and signage, as I tend to do...
See, here is some beautiful signage.
The fruit and veg looked incredible. I love the pink beans!
And then I spied this lovely sign for an apartment building...
And looking though the winder I could see the amazing tiled wall mural, from 1970. I hope the people in this building appreciate it. It looks to be in mint condition, so I guess so.
Bottle art. I guess.
And then it was time to head back to the dock to zip off to our next adventure...Pompei!

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