Thursday, 1 July 2010

knit your heart out

Some more blasts from the past, of the knitting variety. Found these on an Etsy store called Vintage Knit Crochet. Some more cute little outfits for baby... Toddlers...and...wait for it...
...Wait...And mum!These are simple stylish knits I think any modern gal could pull off. And just check out those poses!
Knitted dress. Incredible.
I think this is also totally retro rad. I need to knit me up a wardrobe then slink over some cars.Sailor girl outfit. What can I say? What girl worth her salt wouldn't have one of these handy.
You and your friends! I might start having a knit-off with some friends...or start a knitting club. Could be fun. Anyone?
Lovely lovely. I just don't know where to begin!
Last, but not least. I am such a fan of the 3/4 sleeve...

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