Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Day three, and we docked in Livorno. From there you could choose from one of three Tuscan cities: Florence, Pisa or Lucca. As E and I had already been to Florence we chose Lucca, and I think we made the right choice. Lucca is a wonderfully preserved historic town and perfect day-tripper size.
Aside from the lovely churches there was a lot of great signage. The city is obviously going to great lengths to maintain the integrity of the place.
It was, again, a sizzling hot day. In the distance (above) is Guinigi Tower. Quite a climb to the top, and I'm not great with heights, but it's a pretty nice view from up there, under the shade of the trees. Yes, there are trees planted up top and they form a cooling canopy. And the views are glorious.
Large round piazza called Piazza Anfiteatro.
Lana Gatto is a high end wool brand in Italy. I just love this crazy cat logo. Buy wool or die. The cat will eat you. No, really, buy the wool.
Another church with some fabulous detail.And then it was time to leave the city. Another great end to another great day. Totally knackered.

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