Thursday, 15 July 2010


Continuing on from the Amalfi coast we headed to Pompeii. The infamous city that was buried in a mass of ash and mud from a long catastrophic eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. I know, Dad and CC, you would have just loved to explore this site.
It's pretty hard to appreciate this place without going there. The things that impressed me were it's size and organization. They had entertainment, a currency exchange 'bank', a take-away bakery, a red light district. Not a lot has really changed since, huh?
This is one of the best fresco's that survived. They were painted like views from a window.
I loved the brick and stone work. Though as our tour pointed out, all of the raw stone we see would have been plastered and decorated with murals. It must have been stunningly beautiful.
Stepping stones to avoid stepping in any muck on the streets. Clever.
Fresco detail above, and a mosaic entrance way below.
If you go, I highly suggest a guide. Otherwise it is just a pile of bricks. It makes such a difference to have someone bring it all to life for you.
Dead dog. So, as they were excavating the site they poured plaster into the cavities where bodies where in order to capture the forms. This is a poor little pooch.
Some more treasure found.
Very old sundial. And that's it for Pompeii. Next stop...Naples!

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Jul said...

Nice photos!

I agree, visitors to Pompeii should totally get a guide. It's a much richer experience. Plus without one you might miss the pornographic frescoes entirely. :)