Monday, 26 July 2010

Toulon & La Seyne-sur-Mer

Today was bitter-sweet. This was the last day of our amazing trip. The entire family made our last trip into the village of La Seyne-sur-Mer, and from there to Toulon. Today's catch up for grabs in Le Seyne-su-Mer:
Then it was onto Toulon.
This city was a real treat! It was jam-packed with some fantastic old signage and type. Take a squiz.
I loved this house with it's big windows. Look at those brilliant balcony's and there's gotta be a great roof terrace, or potential for one up top. If only it was in Amsterdam. And for sale. For next to nothing... sigh...
I spied this stone shoe plaque. And it belongs to this store. The store has been shut down, it's main signage taken down and it's last stock fading and getting water damaged in the windows. The door had some nice old stickers.
And back to lovely signage.
There was a brilliant fresh food market.
trestle table after trestle table laden with the most delicious looking fruit, veg, seafood and marinated olives and other goodies.
And back to the signage.
I think this lady only sells yellow and green things. But they look good!
Great place we ate lunch at.
It might be hard to notice on this picture, but the frame and face around these shutters are painted on. I like a little house that has big dreams!
Also this first row of shutters on the light pink wall is painted on.
And around a corner was half a ship cracking up the pavement. Rad.
And that was the last day. One more post from Toulon (great little store for you), then it's back to Barcelona!

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