Wednesday, 7 July 2010

wool and the gang

Bugger, I lied. One more post from the big apple. Meet Wool And The Gang. WATG reside in this hip little store in Soho where they delight and inspire. I was a very lucky girl and was given one of their packs as a birthday pressie this year. Then I continued to make sock monkeys.... why? I guess I was scared. What a chicken. But knitting is scary. It seems way more technical and skillful than makin' an ol' monkey. But then after visiting the store, I thought it was time to bite the bullet. So here goes. Deep breath...
Here is my lovely big package! And below are all the goodies inside. Basically, everything you need to make Snood Dogg. The wool is just divine. Super soft. And I love the colour. And I begin! I cast on, did two rows of straight knitting, then buggered up the 'purl' knit. But, no problemo as WATG have handy online tutorials if you get stuck, like me. Super simple, and the girl giving the voice over has just the cutest accent. And then I was back in business...
Ta-da!! What do you think? Ok. Thing is I thought I did it right, but on reviewing the video's online, I fudged it up. Bugger. I knitted one row, purled one row, but I was meant to alternate every stitch, not every row. So I ended up knitting 'Jersey' not 'Moss'. Needless to say, I'm trying it again! I've got some lovely burgundy highland alpaca and I'm going to make a proper Snood Dogg for my fella. And this time I'm going to go slow, and correct any and all mistakes I see as I go. Anyway, here's what i should have done, to get 'Moss' rocking along, and it's a good example of the WATG demo videos:

Wool And The Gang: 98 Thompson St, NY, NY.

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