Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Architecture in Barcelona

One of my favourite things about Barcelona is the architecture. And, yes, there is some buildings just dripping art neauveu style and class, but it's the contrast between those buildings, and building like below (70's?), that I like. I love living in Amsterdam, but sometimes the perfectly preserved city feels a bit...well, too perfectly preserved and dare I say, stagnant. I like a city to feel alive, to be ever changing and adapting to the needs of the people living in it. The building below might not be covered in wonderful tiles, but the harsh geometric angles I find really beautiful.
Below, detailing on a renovated market place, using egg cartons to mold a feature wall. Clever.
Perfect little balconies.
Ok. And meet my friend Carrer d'Aribau, 222, designed by Josep Lluís Mateo. I am in love with htis building. I love how the glass is like a liquid ribbon rapping around the heavily textured stone work. A great contrast.
It's just so so sexy.
Just down the road if you keep your eyes peeled you'll fins a very lovely cricket.
And of course, those stunning fairy-tale places.
I love detail and this city is jam packed with beautiful
And here again, another lovely building and again, by Josep Lluis Mateo!
And wait, we're back to pretty pretty and delicately carved stone work.
So, that's it for Barcelona, until next time :)

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