Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Cross Streets

Something to keep in mind as you walk along Rue Saint Denis or Boulevard Saint Laurent are the cross streets joining them. Up the top we have Ave du Mont-Royal with a few shops and a lovely bakery near the St Denis end. More vintage! Honestly, I've never experienced so many vintage stores in one city before. Just nuts. This place has a mix of eras. Meow: (blue dress): 74 Ave du Mont-Royal Est, Montreal.
Further down, there's another street that's worth checking out if you're into handmade puppets or have a sweet tooth. Or like big felt clouds.Raplapla: Puppets and hand knitted socks, shares this gorgeous space with Dinette Nationale: Factory of sweet things. 69 rue Villeneuve Ouest, Montreal, Québec, Canada. There are a few other good streets, but I forgot to write down notes on them, just keep your eyes peels and your sense of adventure at the ready.

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