Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Momentarily in Montreal

Greetings from Montreal. So day 2 on my new job at Sid Lee I was put on a plane and flung over to head office, Montreal, for a few weeks. How nuts is that?! What an awesome opportunity, and I am a gal that likes to travel. By the time this posts I'll be home again and I'm being through in the hope this will come in handy for fellow colleagues who find themselves summoned to the mother ship also.
Now what can I say about Montreal. Well, it's pretty spread out, so I've done my posts by street. I spent every weekend pounding the pavement and covered almost every inch on the main drags, I think. The tricky thing with that is that I've discovered Montreal city council is pretty stingy when it comes to street signs! I got lost a few times just trying to find a bloody sign to figure out which street I was actually on. I had my handy Knopf city map guide book with me. Oh, I do love these, so so handy.
There was some lovely decaying signage. And I noticed a lot of murals. And I do really mean a lot. I guess when the city is blanketed in snow during it's harsh winter they must really brighten up the place. I did venture down to the other winter-survival initiative; the underground shopping plaza. This goes on for blocks and blocks. I only saw a small section, but it wasn't really my cup of tea. All pretty tacky and main-stream. But maybe I just hit the wrong section.
Montreal for the most part, was my kind of city. Trucks have my initials plastered all over them. And speaking of transport, it was super easy to get around on the metro. And cheap, compared to the extortionate price of Dutch public transport.
Food. The food was incredible. Whenever I ate out, I ate very well. Super fresh produce, rich, full flavoured, interesting dishes. I have to say though, that the proportions were huge. Most time and entree was plenty for me, and I'm no small eater. Which might go some way to explaining the high number of obese people I saw daily, which was quite staggering (no pun intended). Below says it all, no joke, this is real! I've never seen so many huge people in such a small area. I can't imagine how much someone would have to consume daily to grow to that size. It's shocking and sad, but the saddest is seeing very plump toddlers with their humongous parents, knowing there was no hope. So, enjoy the fine dining, my friends, but in moderation.
I have to say I pretty just walked around, took in the sights, ate, drank and shopped. I heard there is a great modern art museum, but I just wasn't feelin' it! The weather was gorgeous, high 20's most of the time, for a week or so it was actually insanely hot and I thought I would melt into a puddle on the pavement. But on the whole, heat wave aside, it was just nice to walk outdoors in shorts and tee and know you wouldn't need jumper, or jacket at all later on. So I guess that's why I wasn't really in the mood for air conditioning.
Ok, well, the next few posts hit all the main streets, except Saint Catherine which is your typical high street. Nothing very interesting about it, probably identical to the main drag in your own city, everything being fairly globalised these days, so I'll skip that one. Enjoy the rest.

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