Friday, 13 August 2010

Old Montreal

Finally after all that walking I actually make it to the city center. There's the main drag of St. Catherine, but as I mentioned before it's very commercial and nothing really stand out there. Head to Old Montreal, which is lovely to wonder about. The main street, Rue Saint Paul Ouest, can get pretty touristy at one end: one souvenir store after the next, but towards the rue McGill end of the street you'll find little boutiques popping up about you and it gets more interesting.
These gorgeous ceramic numbers came from a pop-up store in the basement of À table tout le monde: 361, rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montréal. Super delicate and fine ceramics. Pure joy.Heading down towards the water and you've the port and dock area. Continuing on, close to Sid Lee head office.
A huge area of disused silos. Apparently there's hot debate over what they should be converted to, if anything at all. Some hate them, but I love a good slab of concrete.
A lock.
Müvbox: the next generation of diners and food carts. They unfolding all over the globe with culinary feasts inside. And that, kids, it is. Now onto more local adventures.

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