Thursday, 12 August 2010

Rue Amherst

A little out of the way, but if you're a vintage fiend like myself you'll make the trek. There are quite a few vintage stores here, I only have a few of note to list here. Starting at the top of the street and walking towards the city:
A small place packed with some good furniture, lighting and fabrics. It was the fabrics I was especially drawn too. Picked up this piece with it's bold graphic print, and another more classic 50's style print. I see pillow-making in my future... Spoutnik: 2120 rue Amherst, Montreal.
Another place (no pics) which has nice stuff, but quite pricey is Jack's: 1860 rue Amherst, Montreal. Heading on down and we're at Le 1863: furniture, objects, lighting. I came across some amazing glasses (still making their way back to Holland...), only 5, but they feature illustrations of TV and TV cameras in black and gold. Swanky. Some other nice sets also, but I had to draw the line! 1863 Amherst, Montreal.
Last place wort mentioning: Second Chance: retro objects, and a lot of glass wear. There was a lot of classes from the Universal Expo 67. 1691 rue Amhest, Montreal.
This is Little Squid. Little Squid is a hand crocheted guy that fits in the palm of your hand. I just loved that someone made him. Made by 'Lady Wool', but I couldn't find anything about her online. If anyone has some clues, lemme know.

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