Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Saint Denis

Running parallel to Saint Laurent is Saint Denis. A little quieter and more relaxed. Big mix of stores, and a lot of restaurants. Again, starting at the far end and heading towards the city. I found one children's clothing store that had some gorgeous items including this guy. They call him Mr. Itsy. Or something like that. Faon: infants to 6 year old's. 4334 Saint Denis, Montreal.Beautifully curated store of retro goodies here. I picked up a set of 6 beer glasses (we were in need of beer glasses), with gold and white leaf pattern.
Couleurs: furniture and objects from the 20th century. 3901 Rue Saint Denis, Montreal.
Right next door is Tango, at 3903 Rue Saint Denis. A petit store with some nice ceramics and nic-nacs. I spied this lovely hand-painted original advert for zippers. CN $300 / €200, probably good value for money, but too big to get home in it's frame.
Saint Denis does not escape the mural craze. I quite like the colour scheme.
The streets have a lot of bars and restaurants, so plenty to choose from to refuel. And at the end of the main part of the street is Mémento: a vintage clothing and accessories store with some nice pieces from the 20's through to the 80's. 3678 Rue Saint Denis, Montreal.
Some gorgeous pieces, I fell in love with this dress below, sadly though, it was made for a midget so it's still there for some lucky lady...
Lastly, a rather fabulous car.

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