Monday, 9 August 2010

Saint Laurent & Mile End

This post will be long, 'cause this street is hella long. I'm starting the far end, just before Mile End, and walking to the goes. Beginning with some buildings up near Rue Beaubien. There are two cross streets in Mile End that have a bunch of nice stores on them. Starting with Rue Bernard Ouest. There's way too many to post every store, but there's a bunch of second hand/vintage clothes stores among others. A few stand out places for me were: Drawn & Quarterly: 211 Bernard Ouest, Montreal. Drawn & Quarterly is an independent comic book publishing company. Their store is modest but they have a really nice selection and a lot of local artists. I picked up three nice prints (above) for a mere CN $20 / €14.80 a pop, and a couple of books by local French-Canadians for my darling comic-addict.
I saw this little guy the first time I came here, didn't get him, then decided second time round he had to come home with me. Bunnie by artist Sonja Ahlers, maybe you can score one for yourself at her Etsy store here. Interview on Sonja can be found here.
Next up: vintage typography, industrial objects, and furniture .
Style Labo: 122 Rue Bernard Ouest, Montreal. There's another small place a few doors down that has a few nice vintage pieces: Loft 9: 162 Rue Bernard Ouest, Montreal. There's more shops on Rue Saint Vaiteur Ouest, and on the corner of that and Saint Laurent is a great vegetarian café. I ate there twice and can highly recommend it. Big generous servings.
As I started to make my way down Saint Laurent, the first stop is this rather bizaare place: Monastriraki: Found made remade. 5478 Saint Laurent, Montreal, Canada. Blog also. Packed with nic-naks and all sorts of interesting things. Lots of prints from local artists.
I got picked up a few of these cardboard pieces with perforated patterns, and this little guy with little guy that's now sitting on my desk at work.Next up, an eco-friendly designer store. I loved these African presidential prints (these featured Obama, who else). Galerie-Co: Art and Design for sustainable living. 5235 Blvd. Saint Laurent, Montreal.Continuing on, and we have a lovely shop. Some fab brands like Acne, etc. Boutique George & Jane: 5364 Blvd. Saint Laurent, Montreal.
Further down we have Preloved: 4832 Boulevard Saint Laurent, Montreal. But soon to be moving to 4066 Blvd St Laurent. The savvy designers behind this label have made some wonderfully fresh clothes from reclaimed fabrics. Clever girls. I tried on once piece I loved but there was only an XL left and it wasn't quite working. Bugger. Love the piece above too.Nice building. With ridiculous balcony off the front. WTF? Doesn't look safe...
These cute little barrettes and hair clips are made by Pin Pals and I came across their wares in a few stores. If you're not in Montreal, fear not, they have an Etsy store here.
Now to something right up my alley. Welcome to Kitsch n' Swell. This place was nothing short of insane. It's like the 50's exploded in there. Every surface is covered, take a squiz:That said, I left with just a few postcards. There's two adjoining stores, one more clothes, one more interiors. Kitsch 'n Swell: Authentic vintage kitsch. 3968 Blvd. Saint Laurent, Montreal. And it's flanked on each side by two other vintage stores! Vintage overload.
Really it just goes on and on. There were some nice kitchen pieces, but too heavy to take home for moi.
And even if vintage isn't your thing, it's still a fun place to pop in and marvel at.
Saint Laurent is a funny street with a mix of designer stores, pubs, bars, old signage...
Gave stones....?! Geez.
And we're done. Phew.

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