Friday, 6 August 2010

Saint Laurier & Rue Gilford

Catch the metro to station Laurier and get out the less popular entrance and you're greeted by this giant stunning art neuveau dragonfly. Amazing. I don't know how or why it's there (anyone?) but I adore it. So, a happy accident to start the day.
Now, do I cut up to the main street, or take this friendly looking backstreet to get to St. Laurier? Let's go backstreet, shall we?
And adventurous spirit rewarded with another crafters paradise. Let me introduce Rix Rax, haberdashery store extraordinaire. Above is a (still at work) wonderfully ornate cash register and below, some of the things you'll find... including, any and every type of button conceivable. Ribbons and lace galore, and more buttons, conveniently arranged by colour.
The most exquisite (although expensive) hatters ribbons and notions.
And all the way at the back, a set of draws filled with odds and ends of fake flowers. The satin kind, no plastic here. They're all vintage, made in France, and if you search enough you can find some lovely pieces. I spent a lot of time in this store, and have a shoebox of fabulousness to take back home. Can't wait to start playing with it all.
The store from the outside. As soon as I saw that big gold button I knew I was in for a treat!
Rix Rax: buttons galore: 801 Rue Gilford (cnr, St Hubert, metro Laurier), Montreal.
After I managed to drag myself out of Rix Rax I continued onto my actual intended location, rue Laurier. This is a quaint little inner suburb street with a friendly and relaxed vibe. A few stores, not many, but some nice looking cafés. I was heading to Buk & Nola: 1593 Laurier East, Montreal. A lovely little store with bright bold prints on neutral and raw fabrics.
And almost across the street is Studio Boutique Gaia: 1590 Laurier, Montreal. Some nice ceramics with working studio out the back.
There is some great signage here also.
Fridge looks a little wonky...wooops.
More murals!
The most surly looking mermaid you ever did see!
And awesomeness in the form of a burger joint. I was good though, and did not go in. And that's that.

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NRIGirl said...

Hello from New Jersey! Thank you for taking us along the back street... but next time I want to stop at the nice little burger place... :)
~ NRIGirl