Monday, 6 September 2010

Donna Wilson

I've been a fan of Donna Wilson for a while now, ever since I saw her knitted fox (see below). And it's really nice to see a young designer flourishing and expanding. I think Beardy Man plate is just fab. 20cm diameter, £20 / €24.40.

I saw this Fox cushion in London and wish I'd snavelled him then! It's cold and gross in Amsterdam so as I'm looking at Donna's sight I'm gravitating to all the warm and winter-cosy products! The pillow 100% lambswool, knitted in Scotland. 40cm x 40cm, £65 / €80.
Blah blah large throw I would love right now as my office is freezing. 100% lambswool, woven in Scotland. 190cm x 145 cm, £169 / €206.

Rainy Day large throw (how did she know?!) again, 100% lambswool, woven in Scotland. Soft blue with white clouds. 190cm x 145 cm, £169 / €206.

And a smaller version, Rainy Day mini blanket, 95cm x 62cm, £47 / €57.30.

And these Sausage Dog scarves are really brilliant. 150cm x 14cm, £38 / €46.35.

Molly Doll Bunny. Kinda looks like Miffy in her teens. Molly is made from printed cotton front and back, and is 40cm tall. Price £21 / €25.60.

And this little guys is responsible for starting my love for this brand - Cyril Squirrel-Fox. 37cm tall, £49 / €59.70. He is just so awesome.

Rosie ladybird: 60cm approx, £39.95 / €48.70.

And Wolfie is also just too cool for school. I think he and Fox need to come to live at my house. 31cm tall, £47 / €57.30.

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