Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Extreme Treasure Hunting

This weekend treasure hunting was taken to the max for the ultimate in flea market experience in Lille, France: Braderie de Lille. Over 2 million people spill out onto the streets coming from all over Europe. I scoffed when I read on the city's website that there's over 100km of stalls, but, no... we calculated that's probably correct! Just incredible! OMG, total heaven!
There was a lot of great stuff that was just too heavy to carry home, like the lovely ladies above. Like these signs and vintage toy cars above. And we came totally ill prepared, seeing other savvy shoppers with dolly's which I'll so be looking for for next time.
The streets were just teaming with people, everyone out for fun and to snap up a bargain. The weather was just perfect too. In fact the whole weekend was just the definition of perfection: sun, endless flea market stalls, mussels+chips+beer for lunch, lots of laughs with my man who's idea this was in the first place! I know! What man takes his girlfriend treasure hunting for two days?! Mine :) I am indeed the luckiest lass alive.
Busy, busy, busy...
Ok, and here we go. Into the streets to find little gems. The secret I think is knowing what you want and your style. I've refined mine over the years and have a few flea market food groups: vases/ceramics, textiles, kids books, games and toys, Christmas decorations, and house hold items. All vintage, usually mid century. Sometimes there are extra special bits, but most things fall under these categories. And I'm pretty strict with things, especially the vases, otherwise you just have a house that looks like a flea market. Less is more. There is method to my madness.
The treasure-lined streets just went on and on, and on...to my delight! haha!
Saw lots of horses, this was my fave.
Plastic fantastic alert! I picked up a nice vase here, see tomorrow's post for treasure show-and-tell.
Lel turns Satorialist. I think this outfit of Nana's is rocking.
Fuel. The thing (almost the only thing) to eat while in Lille are mussels and fries, washed down with a glass of beer. One restaurant piled up the discarded shells in front on the street. It was gigantic. And this is just ONE restaurant...lord.
And back to shopping. Lovely lovely vintage signs. I especially liked puss-in-boots, but he was just a bit too worse for wear to take home.
E & I fell in love with this poster of traffic rules. However, at €90 in a crappy and heavy frame, it stayed where it was.
Gorgeous vintage French classroom posters as far as the eye can see. I have a few of these already, bit couldn't resist a couple more.
Down by the canal that wraps around the Citadelle de Lille, the largest in France, the market sprawls out along the edge.
In the background here you can see a ferris wheel, this is part of the fun park on the Citadelle.
And finally, after two exhausting days pounding the pavement we called it a day and made our way back to the train station. Luckily our hotel was close to the station, genius, made life so much easier. All in all, an amazing weekend and experience! I'm more hooked than ever on treasure hunting now. Tomorrow, the gold I picked up...

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Seems like a very worthwhile and fun adventure. I look forward to reading more!
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