Friday, 3 September 2010

food with a view

Rain rain go away! Come again another day! Ugh, hands up who's sick of the bloody rain! The weekend was just miserable, so there was nothing for it but to attack the kitchen for a massive clean out. Wow. It was a disaster! The Oldest Food Item went to a packet of (very cute) rice crackers from Japan, that expired in 2003. Geez... It took the best part of Saturday and Sunday to sort, clean, organise, etc., but finally we got there!
On Sunday we ventured out into the elements and hit De Bijenkorf ('The Beehive' - how cute is that for a department store name?!) and got some storage containers (yes, actually very exciting) and some cutlery and glasses (on sale, whoo-hoo!) and a nice big grill pan. Mmmm....getting ready to sizzle sizzle up a storm! So so happy! Oh, and a fab set of cooking knives and knife block. All in all, a very good day and all very grown up. It's so nice to have draws open and close easily and all the crap out.
At De Bijenkorf before we hit the kitchen area we fueled up on made-to-order pizza and fries in the newly renovated kitchen-restaurant. I have to say it was pretty good and very convenient, especially if you have kids and or a pram. The photos here are the view from the restaurant.

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