Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gold we found at La Braderie

Oh! What wonderful things I found at Braderie de Lille! In order...Vintage children's wall hook, €8.
Vintage never-been-used horse racing board game, Ascot by Totopoly, 1946, €13.
Vintage hand-painted wood animal figures. Circa 1920. I picked out 10 from a shoe box of 40, €25.
Vase, that is part of a set I already have two of, the one to the left is the new one, what a perfect match it is! €12.
Vintage bunting flags. €18 for the two.
Cowboys and Indians! I just loved the colours in these guys. €2.
Little wood doll made in the USSR that I'm going to draw design inspiration from (one day) €3.
Vase €15.
Sunburst mirror (I have always loved these!!) €25.
French jug, with honeycomb and bees. Adorable! €18.
Clocks! Ok, so E & I have been searching the interwebs €300 for the two. End of day one.
Mix of textiles, striped linen in lovely candy colours, and two hankies, one that says 'Luck' in French and one that says 'While I Am in France My Heart is with You' all together for €8.
Vintage children's book featuring the Slug (well, looked close enough), €2.
Vintage Christmas goodies. Ornaments and tree angel, although missy needs a new set of wings. I can fix that in a giffy. Love the colours and her dress, the lot €10.
And last, but certainly not least, double-sided vintage French school posters €5 each.
Phew! And we're done! Some words of advice if you plan to go: haggle. I was pretty crap at it, but got into the swing of things eventually. Take something to carry your gold away in. I think next time I'll take a wheely dolly. Have cash on you, and be aware of pick pockets. Wear comfy shoes as you'll be doing a lot of walking! I was in sneakers and even then my feet were killing me by the end of the day. What else? We came with a map I marked up with the streets, you can find a list of the streets on the Lille tourist site.

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superelectric said...

that honeycomb jug is sickening cool!!!!