Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A Good Egg

I've been cleaning out my entire house recently (again!) and found these vintage Danish egg warmers in a draw. I think I got them from Ij Hallen many moons ago. I was drawn to the bold graphic 60s print, but who uses egg warmers these days?! I decided I couldn't let them go, just too pretty, so the only thing to do was to recycle them.
First I bought some matching fabric in complementary colours and bias binding from the Albert Cuypstraat market.
And then I unpicked the seems of th egg warmers so I had 8 pieces with flowers, on the back they all have the designers name:
Then I cut matching half circles, edged them, and joined them together to make some sweet little bunting! Ta-da! Much more useful! You can never have too much bunting, now can you? Mission accomplished and onto the next project...

1 comment:

Erin said...

This really is adorable! What a great idea.