Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ij Hallen's Flip Side

Sunday was Ij Hallen market day! And I love this market. This time, however, I was selling not buying. Quite an experience, I can tell you. Up at 6.30am, arrive at 8am. I had visions of laying everything out nicely, writing some pretty little signs, then waiting for the people to gradually come and swing by. No. This is not how it went down. What happened was as soon as we opened bags and started putting stuff out on the table people (the professional sellers already there) swarmed us and started going through everything like crazed animals. ANIMALS. Even going through the suitcases as I was putting stuff out. Just nuts, and a bit stressful I must say. So we'd gotten rid of a lot of stuff by about 9.30am, when gates opened to the general public.
The rest of the day was pretty steady, a few peaks where we were pulling quite the crowd, but then it dwindles off around 2pm, and we called it a day at 3pm. The rest of our unsold clothes went into pink garbage bags for charity collection (hope they made it there and not so some seller!), a small bag of stuff went to the bin, so I only bought a few things home with me. Five suitcases (yes, really I had that much!) down to about one shopping bags' worth = a very successful day in my book! And it felt so so good to purge and get all the unwanted stuff out of the house. I don't even know where half of it came from to begin with!
The day really flew by for me, the combination of a steady stream of shoppers and my co-store seller, the lovely Ms Katie, keep me pretty occupied. And I couldn't have done it without my man, who got up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday to help me set up, fetched coffee for Ms Katie and I and then treated me to my beloved poffertjes. Thank you, baby, you are the best! :)I think the hardest part of being there selling was the slightly torturous feeling on being at a market unable to buy anything! I did manage a few little breaks and my eagle eyes found a couple things. One fab book from my neighbour, can't wait. Middle Eastern cooking with super straightforward looking recipes and a little Easter treat as well!Too busy to take photos or really chat to those friends who swung by (sorry guys, fairly manic! really appreciated the support though), so all these photos are from my man. I think they're really nice and it's always fun to see something you love through someone else's eyes.
Anyway, I'd recommend it as a way to clear out old stuff. Although, a wooden trestle table is a great equaliser: our junk kinda looked just like everyone else's junk. But, as they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure and I think we made some people very happy. A lot of my bits came from Ij Hallen originally, so I like that it's had it's time in my life and now has returned from whence it came, ready for the next person. So i really like the recycling side of it all. And that's it from me. See you all at the next Ij Hallen, which will be in two weeks! Dates got mucked about this month. Next will be indoors from now on, in the old hall, and over two days: Saturday the 9th & Sunday the 10th of October. Admission €3.

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