Thursday, 16 September 2010

Sandra Eterovic

Melbourne artist Sandra Eterovic is making some gorgeous artwork that has a wonderful lived in feel from days gone by. And it should, given that her inspiration comes from the illustrations in eastern European children's books her mum use to read to her, dolls and folk art. I love the use of recycled and sustainably farmed wood. Above: Otto the Orangerie Man available on Sandra's Etsy store. Otto is a hand painted plywood sculpture, painted using acrylic paint. He was hand cut and sandpapered and stands at about 13 1/4inches / 34cm high. He has his own stand made of plywood. USD $95 / €73.
And here's another little wooden man called Franz: proportioned German cloth doll from the early 19th century. USD $95 / €73.
And I think this house is a lot of fun: Lady is the House, based on a real one found in the English countryside; the lady's legs are based on a nineteenth century can-can girl's. She stands at about 7.5inches / 19.5cm high and 9inches / 23cm wide. The legs are 6.5inches / 6cm long. USD $95 / €73. I will be keeping my eye on Ms Sandra...hopefully she'll have some things to see when I'm home for Christmas! Also, take a look at her blog, lot of fun inspiration to be found there too.
I love sausage lady!

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Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you so much Miss Lel!

The market sounds fantastic, I wish I could be there to buy a plate or three and eat some poffertjes.

All the best!