Monday, 11 October 2010

Ij Ij Capt'n

What a glorious day it was Sunday! Just divine. Great day for Ij Hallen. Up at 8.30am, at the ferry by 10am, and first bargain by 10.20am: great ceramic Christmas tree stand! And YES I needed one!
Lots of stalls outside in the sun, but a good 90% of the market was inside. However, it wasn't the dark and dingy location of past, but this very nice open area with lots of sun and light streaming in. Brilliant!Great atmosphere, and even better to see all the treasure with all that light.
Heavenly heavenly, treasure as far as the eye can see!
I snuck up some stairs and took some birds-eye-view pics.
Above, and the next few pics below are some wonderful old book covers the stall keeper kindly let me snap.Animal book in English! Score! Gorgeous illustrations and complete with kangaroo and koala. Puppets and soft animals. Although I like the Dutch word, 'beasts'. Not really to make as shown as they're a little dated but the structure is helpful and I think it'll provide great inspiration.
I'm really in a lion and cowboy's and Indians phase right now. Not sure why! Strong graphics, maybe.
Found a little box of note cards and envelopes. Sweet little illustrations.
Well it wouldn't be a trip to Ij Hallen without bringing home a vase, now would it?
Great adding and subtracting board game. Exactly as show on the cover, two boards of match-them adding and subtracting equations. Super nice illustrations and educational to boot!
I blame the exhibition I saw a few weeks ago at Kunsthal entirely for this purchase! It focused my attention on how beautiful these cake and jelly moulds can be. I'll only use this for display, but somehow I need to figure out how to bring it back to it's former glory. Dad? Sand it back and spray paint it maybe? Any advice welcome!
Fish coasters! Mint condition, never used. Awesome fish designs!
Tupperware dog! I have an elephant in the same style to keep him company. Tupperware made few toys, and I think this is fun.
Two very simple puzzles. Great illustrations.
Made in the USSR vintage wood domino set.

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