Friday, 1 October 2010


The new season is upon us! I've been drooling over the new AW line of fabrics by Liberty's of London. Subtle Asian theme and three or more colur ways per design. Just fabulous. I think the print above is one of my favourites, and you can see a very manga-esque feel to the animal expressions: Peter Woodward, Tana Lawn Liberty cotton fabric, Colour C on left, D on right. £19.95/m.
Winter Shoe print fabric, Manolo Blahnik for Liberty. £26.95/m. I think this fabric is fun. But I'm not sure what I'd really do with it. And the illustration's not really my style. But I think the idea s fun.Alexandra Blooms, Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric A on the left and D on the right. £19.95/m.Junya Shirako, Tana Lawn Liberty fabric, A on the left, B on the right. £19.95/m.
Koharu Miyuki, Varuna wool Liberty fabric. X on the left and Y on the right. £55.00/m.

Melly, Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric. A on the right, B on left. £19.95/m.

Memories Of Rain, Tana Lawn Liberty fabric. A and B. £19.95/m. Seiko, Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric. A and D. £19.95/m.Yasmine's Poppy, Varuna wool Liberty fabric. X and Y. £55.00/m.

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