Thursday, 7 October 2010

shopping rotterdam

Picking up from Tuesday's post on Kunsthal...on the way to the Kunsthal in Rotterdam we happened to pass two very nice stores.First up, Ansh46: wonderful interior and some gorgeous clothes.Fell in love with some boots but sadly they were out of my hoo.
A few blocks down was Nen Xavier, a fab clothing store and hairdressers.
So I recommend checking these out when you're next in Rotterdam. And they're a store's throw away from Kunsthal where Mr Munch is currently residing. Above and below: two signs from a main shopping drag; shops pretty dull, signs awesome.Ansh46: Mauritsweg 51, 3012 JW Rotterdam, Nl.
Nen Xavier: Eendrachtsweg 55a, 3012 LE Rotterdam, Nl.

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