Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I am quite the letterpress fiend. I adore letterpress and have a hoard of cards, stationary, and posters at home that I should be sending to friends and family... Hmmm, perhaps a snail mail catch up is in the cards for this eve. Anyway, I swore off buying any more letterpress items...but then I found this. Oh dear...oh Lordy...give me strength. Wilkintie has found my weakness and struck a fatal blow! Just look at the stunning range of limited edition letterpress prints they have available on their Etsy store online. Starting with Rabbit by Klaus Haapaniemi above. Wilkintie says this is "a charming print by the master of folk art inspired imagery from Finland. Klaus brings to this print a wonderful sense of the mystery and magic of nature, it's not hard to imagine the Sami gods bringing forth this exquisite creature from the frozen Tundra soil. Klaus Haapaniemi is a Finnish artist and designer living in London."
Next up: It's the seafaring life for me by Niels Oeltjen. I went to art school with Neils in Tasmania! Wow, Great to see him doing such wonderful fabulous things. Wilkintie says "Niels explored the world of seafaring as seen through his own eyes as a child. When creating this print Niels recalled a picture he had drawn at age 6. Though the picture itself is long gone, he still remembers that day on the veranda and being so proud of his picture. Niels Oeltjen was born in Germany in 1976, and grew up in small coastal towns on the island of Tasmania, Australia. Niels has been a constant contributor to the art-world in Australia in his many guises as painter, muralist, illustrator and graphic designer."
Singing Tree by Gwénola Carrère. Gwenola says she "I wanted to make something about sounds and music, and the importance of nature in my childhood. I'm a girl from the city. I never actually lived in the countryside, but I remember that as a child nature inspired in me the biggest feelings of freedom." Wilkintie gives us the low down on this city slicker "Gwénola Carrère was born in Geneva and grew up in Vienna and Brussels, where she studied Illustration and silkscreen printing and still lives."
And for something a little closer to home, we have Rolling Contrivance by Merijn Hos. Again, I'm going to use Wilkintie's description as they're just so beautifully written: "In Merijn's world high-heeled shoes are the fashion for mustached men, wild and clumsy contrivances seem to be fun powered, and everyone rides with their little friends in tow. Merijn Hos (1978), also known under his alias Bfree, is an Artist and Illustrator from Utrecht, Netherlands."
Nature Walk by Tim Biskup. Wilktie: "Southern Californian artist Tim Biskup’s work has been shown worldwide. His spirited and joyful populist aesthetic has amassed him a cadre of loyal fans and collectors. In recent years he has developed complex, personal and conceptual work while maintaining a commitment to the visual experimentation he is known for. In 2004 he opened Bispop Gallery, a small retail shop and exhibition space located in the Old Town section of Pasadena, California."
Elkelek by Dylan Martorell. From Wilkatie: "This print brings all the magic and wonder of an unknown spiritual realm to life in beautiful line work and colour. You get a sense of the special connection between the animals and plants in Dylan's ecosystem, and their symbiotic lives. We first met with Dylan Martorell in 2001, and even then his work was strange and magical, and has gotten more so in the years since then. Funnily enough Dylan is possibly better known for his musical explorations as his artistic experiments. Hearing his bands Hi God People or Snawklor you start to get a feel for his shamanistic methodology for image/sound making."
All artwork is available on Wilktie's site or on their Etsy store and are
8 x 10 inches and is priced at approx USD $70 / €52 / AUD $80.

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