Thursday, 4 November 2010

Amsterdam Made by Hand

A very sweet friend of mine gave me this wonderful book. For no reason at all! How lucky am I?! And it's just wonderful. Not only is it filled with clever craftiness and great places to treasure hunt in Amsterdam, a few newbies ever for me after almost nine years here, but it's also written by an Australian lass. The lady is question is one very talented Ms Pia Jane Bijkerk. Pia is a stylist and photographer specializing in still life, food, interiors, and lifestyle imagery. She splits her time between Paris and Amsterdam – Ohh la la, wat leuk!! What a lovely life that must be I contemplate as I day dream at my desk, flipping through all the fab delights within the book.Here are some spreads from the book, which can buy the book online at The Little Bookroom if you're overseas, local link further down.Above is YDU (Young Designers United) one of my favourite stores where I sold scarves once upon a time. Hmm, this is making me miss being crafty. Angelique behind YDU and she's wonderful. A great store to check out.And the lady herself at a book signing at the American Book Center, Amsterdam.And pictures of the window display for the big event. How I managed to miss this I do not know...I love Pia's style, very soft, delicate, and romantic.
I love her pictures, too, (I think these are all hers) I've grabbed these from Pia's amazingly inspiring blog where she also features other photographers. It's really great to see the city you live in through someone else. I feel my eyes refreshed and see see this old city anew.
These photos are just gorgeous. Check out the book for yourself. It really is a wonderful guide for anyone new to the city, and a wonderful memento for those of us who know and love the places in the book as much as I do.Amsterdam Made by Hand: paperback; color photographs throughout. USD 18.95 / €16.99 and available locally at American Book Center here. ISBN 978-1892145-84-0.

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