Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Herst, Fall, Autumn, whatever you want to call it leaves are turning all sorts of amazing colours and falling off trees. I love it! The beginning of Autumn is my favourite time of year. It's not quite cold, you can rug up and wonder outside, and be all cozy with a cup of coffee and apple cake.
I know my mum loves Autumn, too. Especially when the leaves are fire red. These are the trees in front of my house and along my street, all this wonderful golden colour. So so beautiful when the sun starts to drop in the afternoon and back-lights the leaves (see the last picture).
I might try and go to the forest on the weekend of a park and get a good does of leave-age before they all go. If you're in Amsterdam there are a few main places: Vondelpark in the center, Westerpark in the West, Oosterpark in the east, and Amsterdamse Bos. The Bos is a little way out, but proper forest and picturesque.
Just so so beautiful. So this post is for you, Mimmyosa! Enjoy xxx

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