Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Jessica Hische

Hello! He's a fab little interview of Jessica Hische.I'm a huge fan of this little lady's work (how cute is she?!). Jessica's taking the typographic world by storm. Here's a selection of work by her below, more on her site here. I love these two charming wintery posters. This is a great letter series. A really wonderful initiative and you can grab a letter of your own here. So awesome.Ooooh... crafty-looking (looks like lovely red thread) and my surname starts with 'R'... danger danger...This one is especially appealing to me because right now Mr E and I have a pet spider! She's outside our window and has a great web and has been getting progressively fatter over the last few weeks. We love her. Don't get me wrong, I hate spiders, but we love our little pet and she's keeping the bugs out of the house. She's tones of brown with stripey legs. Quite pretty, really, for a spider...And that's it on Jessica for now, I'm sure this is just the beginning of her brilliant career. I shall be keeping my eye on her.

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