Thursday, 25 November 2010

Love my lovefood

This weekend just gone I finally made it to a special Movember Lovefood Brunch. Lovefood raised a whopping €1000 for the cause! Terrific going! For those who don't know Lovefood, this is a pop-up brunch that I've written about previously. I dived into my grub before I even took my first photo. I just couldn't resist!
This weekend was the last brunch of the year but before you get your knickers in a twist, Lovefood is at back January 2011, so don't worry if you missed out this year. There is one last opportunity to taste Jason's handy work, but it ain't a brunch, it's a slap-up Christmas Feast! If you're interested check out Jason's website for details.
Here's the man himself! Thanks for a great start to the day, Jason!
Lovefood pop-up brunch current location: Brasserie Vlaming on the Prinsengracht 193 (next door to to the Pancake Bakery).

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Jason Hartley said...

Thanks for the article. Aargh but why do you always get a pic of the food when its ugly ;-) This week because of the limited menu for the charity event and the high number of orders I could't use my lovely wooden boards for the Mikey and instead had to go with white plates...which looks urgh. I promise normally it looks better than a greasy spoon cafe! Jason x