Friday, 3 December 2010

fine cell work

I'm a huge fan of embroidery. I'm was a mean x-stitcher in my youth but now days, who has the time? Well, for one social enterprise, time is a resource they have in spades. Fine Cell Work teaches needlework to prison inmates an sells their handy work: "The prisoners work while locked in their cells, and the earnings give them hope, skills and independence." Neat, huh? Fine Cell Work's mission is to rehabilitate prisoners by giving them the opportunity to earn and save money and the chance to reflect on and rebuild their lives through craft and achievement. "Prisoners do Fine Cell Work for an average of 3 years: the benefits can therefore be profound. Our stitchers spend an average of 20 hours per week doing embroidery in their cells. The highest earners stitch for as long as 40 hours. It is a way of life that enables them to serve their time with dignity and purpose."
So not only is this a novel idea, but it's effects can be huge. And, not only that, but their products are really stunning. The stitch work sublime.
And I love the sense of humor they have with some pieces, like the pillows above.
The poppy pillow is just incredible.
The Christmas tree is from a hand-stitched card. But all of these would make gorgeous Christmas gifts. To find out more about Fine Cell Work and their products click the links.

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