Tuesday, 7 December 2010

'tis the season

Ok kids! It's really December now, so I can start posting lots of Christmas goodies!
These are just some of the vintage finds I've found on Etsy. God I love Etsy. So much nice than Ebay.
There's really some great finds, but it takes a while to search through the site. I the think Japanese cards above are lovely.
And I'm a huge fan of mercury glass Christmas ornaments. I have a fairly large collection, but it's staying the the attic this years as I'm off to Oz for Chrissy! So, next year.
So rad.
Part of a stunning tablecloth I cannot afford...
And more mercury glass ornaments.
We had these growing up! I think my mum had them as decoration in her store.
Ok, feeling suffieciently Chrristmassy now??
Great set of illustrations depicting the 12 days of Christmas. Here are just a few.
Now that's it! Are you feeling it? More Chrissy finds to follow this week...stay tuned.

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