Monday, 17 January 2011

Home again

This Christmas I was lucky enough to go home again. Two years in a row! It was a big trip, four weeks, to introduce my adorable Mr E to my family and show him a slice of Australia. First stop, Tassie! And we had a lovely welcoming party, this kookaburra, perched on the telegraph pole.
The view from my parent's house. Oh my lord, do I miss this view! I'm from the suburb of Taroona, and this is looking out over the Derwent river.
We packed lots into the trip. It was more a family thing this year and traveling around the state. This type spied in New Norfolk. New Norfolk has a lots of nice little antique stores. I found a nice book and a nice vintage kids furniture sticker.
We also went to Richmond, where we look in this lovely view of the first bridge build in Australia by convicts.
And of course spent a lot of time at home, with Zoe (above).
Zoe swimming at the beaches as we walk from Hinsby beach around the water's edge to Taroona High School. These galah's spotted at the high school. Amazing how much wildlife we saw, actually, I was quite impressed. And that's it for now. I'm still sorting through the hundreds and hundreds of photos I took so posts will improve soon. Happy to be back online :)

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