Monday, 21 February 2011

The Great Ocean road

This is the last post from Victoria. After running around the city for a few days we took some time out to head up the coast along The Great Ocean Road. I've been wanting to do this journey for a long time so I was really happy to realize this dream.
This trip will take you along some truly spectacular coastline and to the Twelve Apostles.
It took about 5 hours to drive down, but there was a lot of holiday traffic also to contend with.
The coastline and beaches are really incredible. And my words can hardly do the place justice. Even the photos only show you a fraction of your surrounds. I was really in awe of these towering cliffs and the magnificent scale of them and the coastline around me.
Gorgeous crystal clear waters.
And the Apostles.
I also really loved the coastal flora as well, a lovely strip of endless shades of green and varying leafy textures. Lush.
There's a viewing platform in the heart of the Apostles which gives you a fantastic vantage point right out at the furthest point of the coastline.
Just take a look at this!
Incredible, huh?
And here's this lovely textured foliage again...
Super zoom...
And that's it for Victoria. Next stop, Sydney!

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