Monday, 14 February 2011

Ij Hallen, I love you

It's Valentine's Day and what better topic to post about than my beloved Ij Hallen! I went two weekends ago (it's only on once a month) and introduced a new colleague to the splendor of this market. One of my first finds of the day was this wall tile decoration. Its in mint condition and it's going to look wonderful in my studio room. When I eventually have one...
And she's in stripes. Oh-so fashionable.
Next up is this lamp. It's a toucan desk lamp and I love it. I have one in green and yellow, as the beak extends, it's great for hanging over my lap when crafting. Now this guy lives in the bedroom, so my darling can read at night.
Next up, lovely Norwegian designed mug featuring a fisherman. Everyone knows I'm a sucker for all things 'sailor' and 'green' so of course there was no escaping this! And at €1, a bargain.
Wonderful handmade racing car. Someone made this out of love for a child, and I will cherish it. I thin it's lovely.
Little cigarette case that I hoped might fit a deck of cards. It doesn't (bugger) so instead it's holding some dices.
This was my other find of the day! 'Ships Amstleven' is a stunning book about ships with many colourful illustrations. The store owner was a real madam, trying to charge my friend an extortionate amount of money for some small trinkets, so I just held up the back cover of this, that was marked €1 and - sold! to this girl Lel, who knows how to haggle.
Rather interesting map... Poor Australia is all over the shop. And look at Tassie!
But this is why I wanted this book, for the illustrations of ships. They're just incredible. The photos here don't really do them justice, they're bright and fresh and in fantastic condition.
this is less than half the pictures in the book. So nice, aren't they?
And that's the end of the market treasures for another day! I've been a bit slow in getting the posts going again this year, I shall endeavour to catch up and keep posts regular.

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