Monday, 28 February 2011


Last post from my trip in Oz. Sadly it's all a bit of a distant memory now, I've been a little slow to post. But it's nice to re-live the the trip, and Sydney was a great way to end the trip.
Sydney is incredible. It's everything the brochure says and then more: sun, endless beaches, relaxed atmosphere, great food, and, oh year, that Opera House –
It's a pretty grand structure and along with a ticket to a show we got a free tour! Kinda cheesey, but it's got a pretty interesting history and the architecture on the inside is wonderful.
So I took a lotta shots, but hopefully got some less familiar angles.
It's quite lovely, huh?
And of course the views are just incredible.
Details, of the tiles that make up the roof.
Bridge, and Opera House, Opera House and Bridge...
And more lovely interior concrete sculptured ceiling detail.
It's all happening, on a Friday evening.
And that was The Holiday! Now it's back to reality and back to posting about other things on this side of the globe. Thanks to my family, friends, and the darling Mr E for making this holiday the most wonderful and truly unforgettable month!

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