Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Tahune Air Walk

My Tassie holiday was jam-packed with nature adventures and it was really nice to be out in the wild. On this fine day Mr E and I headed to the Tahune Air Walk to meet friends and their children to take an unusual walk through a forest.
The walk takes you through the Tahune Forest Reserve at a height of three-storey's up in the canopy of a Tasmanian wet forest. It's a fabulous walk through the heart of the southern forest and I highly recommend it.
Great big trees tower over you, all covered in the brightest green moss.
There are wonderful ferns, again, here glistening in the light after a light sun shower.
Then slowly you venture onto the suspended walkway that takes you through the forest like you've never experienced.
And the views from this high up were just magnificent! This is all my camera could fit in, but of course you have 360-degree views of this wonderful forest to take in.
This is Mr E! Out there! At the end of this suspended walkway! I went out and joined him, in the rain, as people were deliberately making the walkway wobble. Now that's love, I tell you!
The sun came and went, and came and went, but it was really great to breathe in the warm steamy smell of the undergrowth. Quite cozy.
Lastly we came to a suspension bridge I can't say I was thrilled about this or really enjoyed crossing it. But I did it!
Tahune Air Walk: Open October to March, 9am - 5pm daily. Time needed is about 3 hours there, but with the drive down you should really allow for most of the day.
Adults AUD $24. Arve Rd, Geeveston, well signed.

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