Friday, 29 April 2011

Adidas Originals Womens SS11 Lookbook

Today some shameless self-promotion of my newly launched digital campaign for the Adidas Originals Women's SS11 Lookbook! You can vote for your favourite look in the embeddable battle widget above, or for the full experience go to here.
I had the most amazing dream team to work with on this, thank you all very much. Guys, it was a pleasure.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Catalonian antique market

A few weeks ago I was in Spain and lucky enough to get to visit a proper Catalonian antiques market in Cardedeu. My future-in-laws were super sweet in taking me there. Lucky me!Set in a beautifully serene valley, with the sun beaming down on us I set of to snag a bargain. I was looking for something small, Spanish, and 'Lelly'. I found just the thing in the form of old Spanish bank notes and two gorgeous promotional paper fans. However, having just moved house I can tell you there's in my house, somewhere... as soon as I unpack them I'll post them. The bank notes are beautiful, great illustrations and colours. And the paper fans have beautiful illustrations. But you'll just have to wait to see them for yourself...
Lots of farming tools, odd and sods. Lovely mix of curiosa, objects, and furniture.Brilliant old machine.
Speaking of brilliant old machines, here's another. Wonderfully preserved Renault.Fira d'antiguitats - Descarregada (April) at Pompeu Fabra Park, from 8am - 3pm. Check the website for next dates.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

GVB transport app

The GVB runs the buses, trams, metro and the free ferries (the ones that are considered part of the highway system, like the ferry from Central Station across to the north shore of the Ij). The app shows you all the stops on the map (the red pins in the image above) and helps you plan your trip. Although, I think the 9292 app is better (as it includes all modes of transport) this is handy to have also and is also free to download here.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Movie Time

Ok, so my technology week didn't really happen, did it? I moved house last week and over Easter and kinda underestimated how much time that might drain. Like, um, every minute for 5 days. we go again! Pathé is the mainstream movie theatre company in Holland. They have an iPhone app that allows you to look up movie times on the fly (handy) and also to buy tickets. I've only ever looked up times, so can't tell you about how easy buying tickets is, but for move info (in Dutch) go here. The app in Dutch, but all fairly obvious to navigate through, and it's free.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mobile Holland

Over the next week or so I'm dedicating my posts to technology. Each day I'm going to share a mobile app that's handy if you live in Holland. First up: 9292. This app gives you directions, departure times, has a route planner for metro, rail, tram, bus, and ferry lines. And it's in English! Awesome. And it's free. Even awesomer. If you're a newcomer to the country or just hopeless with directions then this is a handy app. Happy travels...

Friday, 8 April 2011

Puces de Saint-Oeun et Clignancourt

After a little bit of a disappointing market experience in the south of Paris, do you know what my gorgeous Mr E said? That we shout head to the north and try our luck there! What a man I have. So we jumped on the metro and rode up to the opposite end of Paris to Puces de Saint-Oeun et Clignancourt.
There are so so many stalls here. Though more for the serious collector. One store that was my absolute fave (pictured above) has all sorts of wonderful vintage paper and empheria. And eagle-eyes Mr E did us proud by spying a wonderful old hand-painted French schoolroom poster of a frog. There are very graphic outlines of this frog painted on black. Really lovely and it will match another school poster I have of a plant on black. And not only did he spy it, but he haggled masterfully and got the price down by a third. Good lad! I must say also the ladies who run the store were just delightful, not those grumpy only people you usually come across.
The market is huge and we wandered quite aimlessly down the make-shift buildings and alley ways.
Lots and lots of stuff.
And you can't quite see above, so detail below, just how close we were to Sacré-Cœur.Lots of fun. Lots of dust. Then a quick batch of fries and back home to the hotel.
Puces de Saint-Oeun et Clignancourt: Porte de Clignancourt (18th). Saturday - Monday 9.30am - 7pm. Metro stop: Port de Clignanvourt.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Les Puces de Vanves

Sunday in Paris and Mr E and I got up at the crack of dawn to go treasure hunting. First stop, south, to Les Puces de Vanves which begins just a stone's throw from the metro stop.
There were lots of nice stalls, but mostly with either big furniture or quite antique-y looking things Nothing really up my alley, no mid-century stylin'.
Nice to see all the stuff though. I did manage to find a few little bits, of course.
I picked up some vintage fabric with bears on it from this haberdashery stall. They had incredible buttons and lace and ribbons and bits, but I have a massive stockpile of those things already at home, so I just went for the fabric. Kinda just wanted to bring something home with me. But the fabric is lovely.
The weather was pretty cold and drizzly, so it was a little miserable wandering abut. We stuck away in the quest for treasure.
I found some fab early 80s broaches from Italy. Bows and arrows in glitter. Awesome.
Les Puces de Vanves: Ave Georges-Lafenestre. Metro stop: Port-de-Vanves. Open Sat - Sunday 7am til 2pm-ish.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Oui, Paris!

Two weekends ago Mr E and I headed to Paris for a little weekend getaway. It was fantastic, of course, it's Paris, so how could it not be? And I got engaged! How perfect is that? :)
Anyway, enough about me, back to Paris. There was lovely type.
Picturesque river views.
Little dino someone stuck on a postbox.
More beautiful hand painted signage.
Live band playing 7 Nation Army by the White Stripes which was awesome.
But my favourite find was this tile panel. Just incredible.
It was a bit tricky to photograph as standing in the middle of the road trying not to get run over!
But the design is just fabulous, I think.
The shop behind is being renovated, I sure hope they keep it.
We went to not one, but two flea markets on Sunday, those posts coming tomorrow and Friday.