Thursday, 28 April 2011

Catalonian antique market

A few weeks ago I was in Spain and lucky enough to get to visit a proper Catalonian antiques market in Cardedeu. My future-in-laws were super sweet in taking me there. Lucky me!Set in a beautifully serene valley, with the sun beaming down on us I set of to snag a bargain. I was looking for something small, Spanish, and 'Lelly'. I found just the thing in the form of old Spanish bank notes and two gorgeous promotional paper fans. However, having just moved house I can tell you there's in my house, somewhere... as soon as I unpack them I'll post them. The bank notes are beautiful, great illustrations and colours. And the paper fans have beautiful illustrations. But you'll just have to wait to see them for yourself...
Lots of farming tools, odd and sods. Lovely mix of curiosa, objects, and furniture.Brilliant old machine.
Speaking of brilliant old machines, here's another. Wonderfully preserved Renault.Fira d'antiguitats - Descarregada (April) at Pompeu Fabra Park, from 8am - 3pm. Check the website for next dates.


Booter said...

I'm visiting the Barcelona are by car end August, first two weeks in September 2011 and would like to visit this market. When is it held? What time does it start? Every Sunday morning perhaps?

Unknown said...

Hello there,

I really don't know, I just went once :)

But if you go to the website there's lots of information there:

Lel x