Thursday, 7 April 2011

Les Puces de Vanves

Sunday in Paris and Mr E and I got up at the crack of dawn to go treasure hunting. First stop, south, to Les Puces de Vanves which begins just a stone's throw from the metro stop.
There were lots of nice stalls, but mostly with either big furniture or quite antique-y looking things Nothing really up my alley, no mid-century stylin'.
Nice to see all the stuff though. I did manage to find a few little bits, of course.
I picked up some vintage fabric with bears on it from this haberdashery stall. They had incredible buttons and lace and ribbons and bits, but I have a massive stockpile of those things already at home, so I just went for the fabric. Kinda just wanted to bring something home with me. But the fabric is lovely.
The weather was pretty cold and drizzly, so it was a little miserable wandering abut. We stuck away in the quest for treasure.
I found some fab early 80s broaches from Italy. Bows and arrows in glitter. Awesome.
Les Puces de Vanves: Ave Georges-Lafenestre. Metro stop: Port-de-Vanves. Open Sat - Sunday 7am til 2pm-ish.

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