Monday, 9 May 2011

Kentucky Saturday

Saturday night Mr E and I went to a Kentucky Derby party in South Amsterdam. That's one of the greatest things I love about living in an international community, everyone is excited to share their special events, festivals, rituals, food, drink, and customs from their home country. Love it.So Mr E and I dressed up in our Sunday best, and headed to the other side the our village for the eve. South Amsterdam is lovely and picturesque, and especially so from the dizzy heights of the roof terrace we were on. It's not often you get a view across the city (if you don't happen to have a roof terrace, as we don't), but when you do it's quite wonderful. And on such a warm, dare I say positively balmy eve as it was last Saturday, well, it was almost perfect...I sat 'almost' because, remember, we were there for the Derby. Our fine hosts had everything planned to perfection, auctioning up the contenders so we all had a vested interest in the race, and that someone would walk away a little richer.
Mr E & I went for Pants On Fire. I mean, with a horsed names Pants on Fire, how could we not win?! We had the only female jockey, a Ms Napravnik, and were so, so close at one point...
But, alas, Pants On Fire came in 9th.
The 137th Kentucky Derby was won by Animal Kingdom, with second place going to Nehro, and third to Mucho Macho Man. So then it was back to the view and booze to drown our non-placing horsey sorrows.
Despite our loss on the horses, the night was awesome – thanks so much to our wonderful hosts!

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