Friday, 20 May 2011

klm houses

KLM Delft miniature ceramic houses. Everyone I know has at least one. Whether you picked one up from a flea market, found one on Queen's Day, from an antique shop, or were given it when you flew business class on KLM, seems like there's a mini Dutch house tucked away in every house in Amsterdam. We have four (pictured above and below) from work trips and I always kinda thought they were a bit 'nana', but they grew on me and now that my house is less cluttered they look quite sweet, actually.
The miniature houses present some of the old Dutch houses situated along the canals in Amsterdam and other age-old towns in Holland. As mentioned, these houses are presented to travelers on board KLM business class flights and contain the famous Dutch young jenever, distilled by Bols Distilleries. You can find originals and also reproductions of the complete range of miniatures, which are all numbered from 1 to the very latest house number 91. And that leads me to these next images, taken from KLM's website where all the houses are showcased in an interactive experience. Advertising agency Tribal DDB created a real life, 7 meter long canal street with the 91 miniature houses, then filmed it, and finally turned it into a virtual, online experience, dubbed Take a trip down KLM lane.I also love these fab behind-the-scenes shots. Always fun to see how these things are built.
The different houses are clickable and reveal information about the different buildings’ location (in Google maps) and history. The miniature bridges, trees, boats, etc. were created by the very skillful hands of Dutch model maker Lucas van Doorn. Incredible craftsmanship.And what a fun job that looks like! And more images of the result –
I know, lots of grabs... I just couldn't decide!
But wait, there's more! For the keen collector, of if you have one already, you can now find the original house your miniature was based on via KLM's handy little app. He it tells you the location, and history of the house.
You can record in the app which houses you have, so I guess for a serious collector it's pretty handy to save you remembering which ones you have as you're digging through a flea market or antique store. But otherwise it's just a nice, simple, and informative app.
I love that KLM are keeping their tradition going, and taking it forward into the digital age for others to see and enjoy. Job well done.

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