Thursday, 19 May 2011

Maricor Maricar

Embroidery has made a come back and in a big way. I just love the trend back to all things hand made and these illustrations and typography works in stitch are sublime. Above: Every Cloud has a Sugar Lining. Exhibited in the Art by Design 7 group exhibition at the Wedge Gallery, Books Kinokuniya, Sydney. Cotton floss on canvas.
The following few pieces were exhibited as part of Maricor Maricar's show Turns of Speech and Figures of Phrase. Above, with details below is Macho Distrust: A Blondie lyric slightly skewed. Maricor Maricar says "This one took a lot of working up in the watercolour stage to get the colour combinations just right before a stitch was even sewn." Hand embroidered with cotton floss on cotton canvas using split stitch. 29cm x 29cm. Muscle On: "Simulated water coloured brushstrokes using a total of 16 colours on black fabric." Hand embroidered with cotton floss on cotton canvas using split stitch. Diamonds on the Soles of their Feet. "We discovered Paul Simon through a cd that belonged in a car that was borrowed. I don't think we would have become fans otherwise. Last year we made a print of patterned mushrooms identically titled. For the show we wanted to give that lyric a typographic treatment. The songs mentions shoes but we prefer them barefoot." Hand embroidered with cotton floss on cotton canvas. 27 colours using split stitch. 43cm x 43cm.
Tongue Tied & Hopeless. "I thought i'd give one of my favourite examples of mixed up lyricism another go in honour of our first solo show." Hand embroidered with cotton floss on cotton canvas using stem stitch. 43cm x 43cm.

Epic Battle #2: Lucha vs Ginga Ninja (you're too tasty for your own good). "Our latest battle is dedicated to Black Star Pastry's famous Ginger Ninjas." Private commission. Hand embroidered on cotton canvas with DMC cotton floss.Love love love this work. All I want to do is get home and pull out some needles and thread now!

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