Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Open Restaurant

Over the first weekend of the move, with a foodless house, Mr E and I decided to try the local cuisine. So a stone's throw from our place is restaurant Open. It's the building that looks like it's in the middle of the canal. It's actually situated on a part of the old rail bridge, which as you can see from the photo is 'open' to allow boats to enter and leave the canal freely. It's permanently open now.The restaurant is very bright and airy. Ask for a window seat (on the Central Station side) and you can watch the ships sail by all evening as we did. Just lovely.
The food was top notch and they offer a set 3 or 5 course menu with wine accompaniment option also.
If it's sunny out then there's also the terrace.

Restaurant Open: Westerdoksplein 20-Brug, 1013 AZ Amsterdam, Netherlands. I recommend calling to book in advance: 020 6201010.

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