Friday, 6 May 2011

Queen's Day Craziness 2011!

I've finally downloaded my Queen's Day pics. I didn't take so many this year, too busy just enjoying the day! Above, a guy who I'm sure made a mint by the end of the day with his porta-loo.
I had on some red-white-and-blue ribbons, loving this outfit though.
This year was extra fun as Mr E an I had friends in town. Always good fun introducing people to the craziness. I found a few bargains, but I was pretty contained this year. I did pick up two vintage dressed for €12 each, a vintage Bond-Girl-esque forest green bathing suit that's very flattering for €10, a small Lazy Susan with a lovely vintage illustration for €15 off a little old Dutchman that just would not budge on his price!!
Royalty on stilts...very brave...
Games. Another big tradition. This one is called 'Carrot Cutting' and was 20 cents to play, not sure what the prize was...Loving the guys and gals in tiger suits. No one we saw managed to cut carrot though...slippery little suckers!Ok, and back to the bargains. I did not but this book, but I love the cover! I was pretty good not buying kids book, or games or anything this year for 'the attic' or my Etsy store. To be honest, I didn't think the stalls were as good as they usually are. I did manage to find a plush Miffy (Nintje) toy for €1. Dressed in red and white striped top and blue shorts (appropriate for the day) and I've always wanted one of those so score! And I think that was about it. Oh, Mr E and I did buy a few records. He's slowly bringing his vinyl collection from Spain and we're on the hunt for a good player. I picked up a few random records I thought looked fun, drawn to one entitled 'Cha Cha Cha' with awesome pics or a girl with bongo drums (how could that be anything but fabulous?!), and one called Kangaroo-something that I'm sure will be awesome. Mr E picked up some Jazzy tunes and a classic Lionel Richie album. And at €1 each, a steal. Can't wait to play them and see if they're any chop!
The Prinsengracht was slammed. Just choc-full of boats.
Another game, 'Human Fruit Machine'. Rad.
Blue man. Find him.
Winding down, the streets strewn with crap... but what a great day!

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