Monday, 27 June 2011

Blijburg booty

Yesterday summer decided to come back to Amsterdam after being M.I.A. for some weeks. But we welcome you back with open arms, summer, and all is forgotten. Especially like that you timed your arrival with the Blijburg car boot sale.
I was really chomping at the bit for a flea market fix. So MR. E and I got up relatively early for a Sundee, walked to Central Station and jumped on the line 26 tram to Blijburg, getting off at the very last stop, then walked towards the water to the cart boot sale. The car boot sale was much bigger than I expected, and not the total hippie festival I was expecting either (thank the lord. Tie-dye sends me into convulsions...). Below is a pic of my favourite stall. Campervan extraordinaire! It had vases galore, but I managed to resist them, nothing really fitted into my collections. Yes, there is actually method to the madness! And then there was a nice little Formica stool that makes a hand table for my pinot gregio as I sit on the couch typing.
And they had a whole big box of toys. So I picked up a few of those for the attic. And a lovely ceramic dish of teal green. Lots of gems from this lovely couple.
There was a lot of crap too. Troll doll anyone? No, didn't think so.
At the end of the market was Bliburg itself.
Which is very relaxed, and yes a bit hippie, but thoroughly enjoyable.
So nice, in fact, that we stopped to fuel up on delicious pizza and fries under the shade of the veranda.
And just took in the serenity.
And that was Blijburg!
Some of the goodies: lovely dish and some Lego. You can never have enough Lego! It cost a fortune though these days, so I snapped up a big bag for some change. Washed and drying in the sun now.

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