Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Colour overload

Artist Ludovica Gioscia loves colour. I'm noticing artists and designers really embracing the rainbow of late. Good good. Ludovic's work is fun and fresh and I want it in my house. It just makes me smile. Above: Omitorium, MKII London, 2009 A. Wood, metal, fabric, wallpaper, plastic and gloss paint. All photographs in this series by Michele Panzeri.
Rococo Hardcore, Jerwood Space, 2007: 22 layers of wallpaper, some hand screen-printed others ready made. Screenprinting ink unto lining paper. Part of touring show ‘Sequence and Repetition’. All photographs in this series by Ståle Eriksen.
Amazing fantastic colours. Makes me want to run out and grab some wallpapers and attack one of my walls at home!
And the lady herself. I like that she's the walking talking version on her art.

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