Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Next stop on the Brittany tour: Dinan. We only headed here from Dinard (about a 30 min bus ride), because all the accommodation in Dinard was full, otherwise we would have skipped it. Thankfully fate knew better and steered us to the most enchanting little town!
These first two pictures are from the train station, fantastic artwork and typography.Here again within the walled old town were some very old buildings all very lovely.
Head towards Jardin Anglais for a view from the top of the hill were the old town is perched, down into the valley below.
We there long enough for a quick stroll about the old town then down to the harbour to seek the night's dinner before the sun set.
Walking down the Rue Du Jerzual here towards the harbour the old cobble path flagged with the picture perfect houses.
And the looking back up to where we came from. Mr E and I had a lovely seafood meal of oysters and fish. Yummo.
And a few more photos heading back up the hill again home to our hotel.
And that was Dinan. Well worth making a detour and spending a day or night here. Just lovely.

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