Monday, 13 June 2011


This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow! No, actually it isn't, but couldn't resist. I think that's my favourite YouTube clip of the year to date. This is the tale of a trip to Dinard.
Dinard is a small cozy coastal holiday resort town a ten minute ferry from St Malo.
Again we have hundreds of little boats lying on their sides waiting for the tide to return.
It was a little town that actually made me a little home sick. Believe it or not, but it had a feel of a part of my home town, Hobart, called Battery Point. One of the oldest parts of my home city it had the same feel. The same mix of stately homes and little cottages made of sandstone. The heat baking off the bitumen footpaths as we walked uphill - yes, up an actual hill, such a rare treat when you live in Holland! I'm not sure what it was but it got to me a little.
And before you know it, it's beer o'clock! Today it was Affligem from 1074. 1074!
The town center had a bit of an English Brighton feel too. But that might have been the swarms of British tourists there. But very nice.
Heading to our hotel, a few kilometers down the road at Dinan, we went to catch the bus. We walked to the top of the hill to the bus stop marked on the Lonely Planet guide, only to find the bus route then passed back through the town streets we'd just been in. A little peeved, our frustration quickly subsided when the bus was set upon by tens of people wanting to get on, with obviously no where near enough room for them all. The cool, calm and collected female bus driver did exceptionally well to keep the crowds under control and family and friend groups together. Good job! So, given there are but a few buses in and out of Dinard, I advise not waiting until the last one, and catching it up the top of the hill (it's only a 10 minute walk) to ensure you've a seat.
A nice afternoon, and exhausted and drained by a day out in the sun we slowly made our way inland to Dinan.

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