Friday, 3 June 2011

Iittala & Klaus

Iittala and Klaus Haapaniemi. They were a winning combination before and they're repeated their success with this stunning new collaboration. Called Korento it features flowers and dragonflies in vibrant orange, green and turquoise. I loved the blue range, Taika, (it features a fox, my favourite animal, after all) but I am not a blue-ceramic girl (you need some rules to your ceramic collecting and mine is no blue! Why? Can you imagine in Holland, surrounded by all this Delftware how crazy that would be? So, no blue!). But green and orange on the other hand...lord, give me strength...The range features all the images shown: large plate, side plate, tea cup and saucer, mug, serving platter, and bowl.
I could stare at them all day.Iittala has a store in Amsterdam and many other throughout Holland, but you can also find them in De Bijenkorf and other retail outlets.

Iittala: Leidsestraat 30, Amsterdam. Open Mon 12pm - 6pm, Tue, Wed, Fri 10am - 6pm, Thu 10am - 9pm, Sat 10am - 6pm, and Sun 12 - 6pm.

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